Resource Pages for Biblical studies

Texts and translations

This page contains links to biblical texts and various other texts related to the Bible, and especially to the New Testament.

Bible texts and translations

Greek and Hebrew texts, and various translations
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Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Works in Greek and Hebrew and translations
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Qumran, Josephus,Rabbinica

Various Palestinian texts
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Gnostica and Church Fathers

Various texts from the second century on.
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‘Classical texts’

Greek and Latin texts
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Linguistic resources

Grammar, lexica etc
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Social World of NT

This second page presents sources and studies dealing with the social World related to the New Testament.

Resources for studying the Greco-Roman world

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Collections of images and other artifacts

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Selected features of Antiquity

Presentations of features like mysteries, clubs, magic etc
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Social Scientific studies of the Greco-Roman world

Studies using various models from sociology and social-anthropology
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Post-colonial New Testament Studies

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Links to archaeological studies and sources

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Philo of Alexandria

This page is dedicated to studies of Philo of Alexandria

Philo’s texts

Philo’s texts and translations
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Introductory articles on Philo

Various articles on Philo
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Philo Papers at SBL Annual Meeting

Links to abstracts and manuscripts read at the Philo Seminar sessions at the SBL Annual Meetings in 2013-16.
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More articles on Philo

Scholarly studies available on the Internet
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Book reviews of Philo studies

Reviews of important Philo studies
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Home Pages to scholars writing on Philo

Info about scholars publishing books and articles on Philo.
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Aspects of Philo´s social world

Studies on Egypt, Alexandria and the Jewish Diaspora
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